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Posted By Admin , In / 22 Jun , 2019 / 1 Comments

An escort may be defined as a woman belonging to nowhere in our present normative society which is highly stigmatized to the women indulged in any activities against social norms, but is it really justified to blame a female when the lust of men is defined as a divine natural desire and to sleep with a stranger to gain something is prostitution.

Female escorts in Noida with an abnormal lifestyle sometimes find it difficult to cope up in their normal lives, Quite often the escorts in Noida experience that despite so much charm and glamour in their lives, being in so much regular demand and when constantly being admired for their beauty and looks, their life feels shallow and their days end up with emptiness. There may be so many reasons behind these but finally, it leads to their downfall in all aspects including their physical and mental health.

 Due to the above-mentioned features, there are many facts we need to know and check before taking services from an escort agency or from independent escorts:

Russian Escort in Noida
  • Technically prostitution is illegal in India but is widely practiced, statics from different sources prove that prostitution industry is more than 8 billion dollars per annum industry with more than two million sex workers and 275,000 brothels working as active members, other than these more than ten million other population working as commercial sex workers getting their core clients like labors and drivers.
  • As per various surveys, it found that the average age of female sex workers in India including Noida is thirteen years. Most of the girls enter prostitution during their teenage sometimes even before teenage.
  • The young escorts are neither aware of the necessary precautions to be taken during sex nor the proper hygiene techniques, hence most of them suffer from STDs or other hazardous diseases. Some of them even face severe health issues after an interval of time.
  • Most of the Russian female escorts working in Noida and other provinces are a victim of women trafficking. Most of the girls from Nepal, Burma and from the small villages of India are tricked and forced into this trade with fake promises like good paying jobs or money.
  • Uneducated female escorts are more prone to STDs, sometimes even Aids due to the lack of knowledge. The girls from villages are unaware of modern techniques to stay safe other than that due to lack of proper communication skills and exposure to the world they come into the most exploited category of escorts.
  • Most of the female escorts are working to raise easy money; they require earning more money in less time. Many of the females entered into prostitution due to poverty. Lack of resources and knowledge pushes many uneducated females into this mess to satisfy their basic needs and sometimes to support their families.
  •  One in every four escorts has either left her family or after being exposed, their families have declined to reaccept them hence leaving them with mental pain and insecurity. Many high-class independent escorts too, fall under this category. After a certain period of time, these girls develop different kinds of psychological issues with negligible social values; and may prove dangerous to their clients.

After reading the above text most of us will think that it’s dangerous to hire an escort, as it may bring big havoc to you, but that’s really not so. Enjoyment and fulfillment of one’s desire is necessary but with correct means, because if you hire a professional escort from a trusted escort agency, it will be easy to overcome all the above-mentioned things because

Noida Escort Service

Trusted escort agencies never hire the following type of escorts:

  • Girls below 18 years of age.
  • Uneducated girls
  • Girls from traffickers.
  • Physically or mentally unfit girls.
  • Girls working under some pressure.
  • Girls from any criminal background.
Liza apic January, 2020 at 06:22 AM
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.
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