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Posted By Admin , In Hot Topics / 05 Jul , 2018 / 0 Comments
There are some terms that have sprung up in the modern age of internet dating and social media. It is amusing to me that a thing that has been with us since we stopped being apes and became homo sapiens still needs new terms to describe it. Bear in mind that three per cent of our joint DNA has come down to us from the Neanderthals – yes our ancestors were sufficiently horny that they very happily had sex with, and bred with the very attractive Neanderthals that they came across (I know, bad pun, sorry). In fact, human beings did not take over from the Neanderthals in their new expanded territories by out hunting them or fighting with them. We just out fucked them. Nice, eh?
Sex Terminology
Anyway, the sex industry has always had terms – technical and other – for the different things that human beings can and will do to each other to obtain sexual pleasure. For example, in the eighteenth century a “Taking A Flyer” did not mean the same as it does today. It now means taking a risk. It used to mean to enjoy a woman with her clothes on, or without going to bed. I find it hard to believe that many Geneva escorts would be happy if those terms got mixed up. Though, to be honest, I am constantly surprised by what clients want to get up to with the professional escort girls that they pay large sums of money to spend time with.
Sex is obviously not new and the ways that people have it have not changed too much, though every time any new technology or material is introduced into the world it will be incorporated into peoples sex lives pretty much straight away. Electricity in the nineteenth century, silicone, battery powered motors, remote controls. Hell, there are now special apps that allow you to trigger love eggs or butt plugs inserted into your loved one from wherever you are in the world. Dear me, I hope that people who do that while they are travelling remember to allow for the changes in time zones. Otherwise that could be a little awkward and shocking.
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