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Posted By Admin , In Hot Topics / 31 Aug , 2018 / 0 Comments

Sex TerminologySleep is such an interesting and mysterious process. We all share it, as do all mammals and most other animals on land and sea. But so few of us really understand it. Indeed, it is debatable whether anyone really understand what it is or what it does. But we know that during sleep our brains and bodies go through a number of different actions and processes. There is so much about sleep that we still do not know, but every day researchers uncover new and exciting facts about this thing that we all do, and which is so vital to our health and well being. So here are some facts about sleep and its opposite, sleep deprivation.

Humans are designed to sleep after sex – well, specifically, humans are designed to sleep after orgasms. So apart from the lucky few women, the male in the relationship will tend to feel this effect more than the female! This is physiologically down to a chemical hormone called prolactin. Prolactin is found at higher levels while people are asleep. But it is also produced during male ejaculation and female orgasm, which is why there are few things as good as the sleep just after. That also explains why it is sometimes to get in touch with a girl that escorts Malaga men after a booking. They have literally shagged themselves to sleep. It makes sense in a psychological and evolutionary way as it makes it more likely that the male will hang around after sex instead of just running away – theoretically – which increase the chance of pair bonding. And that in turn makes the surivival of both partners – especially the female and any children – more likely.

Humans spend approximately one third of their lives sleeping – Except in Ibiza during the summer, where peoples sleep patterns are not that different to enemy combatants being grilled at “black sites” by torturers. Though the music and clothing is probably better.

Sleep deprivation will kill you before starvation does – The basic measure is the rule of three. You can go three minutes without breathing. Three days without water. Three weeks without eating. And bizarrely pleasingly in a numerical sense, three hundred hours without sleeping. More than any of those numbers and – unless there are special circumstances – you will just die. But not before all sorts of horrible side effects get you first.

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