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Posted By Admin , In Hot Topics / 17 May , 2020 / 0 Comments
The emigration of prostitutes from Ukraine floods Central and Eastern Europe

In Europe, emigration is associated only with emigrants from Africa. According to statistics, black people and Muslims will dominate Western Europe in the coming years. With the current negative 5% natural increase in Germany, in the next 10 years native Germans with white skin will be smaller in their own country. Similarly, in France and Great Britain, where children are born by immigrants. Social changes also significantly affect the sex industry of each European country.

Almost every major city in Western Europe has a dozen or so percent prostitutes from Eastern Europe. In Spain and western Germany, prostitutes from all Eastern European countries are the norm and many men use the services of cheap prostitutes. The situation was different in countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. Prostitutes in these countries that came from abroad were always from Bulgaria, Romania or Moldova. Currently, due to the political situation in Ukraine, there is an influx of prostitutes to these countries. Almost every big city has at least a few prostitutes with a Ukrainian passport. In Poland, they clearly dominate in the southern part of the country in cities such as Kraków or Wrocław. Girls create strong competition for local girls with their presence.

We analyzed the ads on the largest Polish erotic advertisement portals such as roksa, odloty, eamore. or xlove. Prostitutes from Ukraine are distinguished by a lower price with high service options or often have attractive beauty. It is very rare for a prostitute from the eastern border to be unattractive. What’s more, many girls offer sex without a condom, which is of course very dangerous. However, for many men, sex without a condom with 30-year-old attractive blonde with enlarged breasts for about 100 USD is a very attractive sexual offer. Sex business dominated by local women with a small share of Bulgarian prostitutes developed very steadily for girls. The influx of girls from Ukraine has forced Polish girls to fight for a customer who often chooses a cheaper, more attractive offer. What’s more, as we learn from the main media, economic emigrants from Ukraine who are currently in Poland are not going to go further west of Europe. Language similarity, cultural similarity and security against terrorist attacks popular in, for example, France make Ukrainians prefer to stay in Poland. Of course, many of these people are prostitutes who want to stay in Poland permanently.

According to journalistic websites in Poland, a strong influx of prostitutes from the east has caused an increase in venereal diseases. What’s more, when we compare the number of people with HIV in Poland and Ukraine, there is a huge difference. Currently in Poland is one of the smallest numbers to get HIV and AIDS in all of Europe. The situation is opposite in countries such as Russia or Ukraine. Many websites warn against girls from the east. For Polish residents, recognizing a prostitute from Ukraine is not a major problem, their accent varies. For the people of Great Britain, this is already a significant problem. In many Polish strip clubs, guests are bachelors from Great Britain. The norm in Poland is to celebrate bachelor parties in Polish night clubs. The price of an average beer in a Polish nightclub is around USD 7. The stripper dance for 5 minutes is usually around $ 25. Sex with a cheap prostitute is usually from 40 USD. Junior prostitutes usually provide their services from 80 USD. It is natural that many young men spend a bachelor party in Poland. Most of these tourists do not know that many strippers in Krakow or Wroclaw are women from Ukraine. They can not distinguish the accents of Slavic languages. As is well known, many strip clubs also provide sex services.

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